Separate yourself from your distractions.

If you don’t separate yourself from your distractions, your distractions will separate you from your goals and the life you want.

Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash

Distractions not only loses you the chance to accomplish something but even more something precious, which is your time.

Don’t cling to the saying that time enjoyed is not time wasted, but rather be mindful of the things we choose to do for time lost can never be regained.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have, make sure you get something in return. By identifying what gives value to your life and what doesn’t is the start to valuing your time.

This may prove one of the most difficult things we encounter on a daily basis as we are continuously bombarded with distractions by the world we live in. The conveniences turned inconvenient as we struggle to put first what matters most.

Constant discipline, intense focus and perseverance may lead to a person burning out. Let us not force such a drastic change into our lives but take these distractions in moderation. These inconsequential things may be put to good use as a reward system for working and putting your goals first.

All can be gained with time and nothing, without. Life is already short as it is, let us not take for granted the opportunities and most of all let us not take for granted, life.



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Literature, art, poetry and writings; about life and mortality.